Why does gold turn my skin green?

Posted by Lenka L on

Gold itself does not turn your skin green. However, certain types of gold jewelry can cause a chemical reaction that can result in a green discoloration on your skin. This is usually caused by the presence of certain metals in the gold alloy, such as copper or silver, which can react with your skin's natural oils and pH to produce a greenish color.

The reaction is more likely to occur if your skin is moist or sweaty, as this can increase the likelihood of the metals in the gold alloy coming into contact with your skin's oils. The reaction can also be more pronounced in people with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions.

To avoid this reaction, you can try to keep your skin dry and clean when wearing gold jewelry, and avoid wearing it in situations where your skin is likely to be sweaty or moist. You can also try wearing a hypoallergenic moisturizer or lotion to create a barrier between your skin and the jewelry. If you are sensitive to certain metals, you may want to consider choosing gold jewelry that is made with an alloy that does not contain those metals.