18k Solid Gold Spiral Ear Hooks

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I hand formed these spiral earring hooks using 18k real gold wire. They have been slightly hammered flat and the ends have been rounded and smoothed for a nice comfortable fit and polished to a shine.

Approximate Measurements:
Length: 1" (24mm)
Width: 1/4" (9mm)
Wire Gauge: 20g (0.8mm)

The earring hooks you see in the photos are made using 20g 18k solid gold wire.

***Please note, I do not put a purity stamp on these 18k gold ear wires. Due to how thin ear wires are, the purity stamp would distort the ear wire and look more like a blemish or scratch.***

These are sold by the pair.

I make each of these solid gold ear wires by hand, please expect that there may be some slight variations from pair to pair.

These 18k earring hooks are a great way to enhance your favorite heirloom earrings or make yourself some new ones.

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.