14k Solid Gold French Ear Wires

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Lightweight and easy breezy is how I would describe these handmade 14k gold ear wires. These are also a great way to enhance your favorite heirloom earrings. Made from solid 14k gold sturdy wire these will last you for years to come.

Handmade and hammered french ear wires. The ends have been sanded and smoothed for a nice comfortable fit. They are also tumbled for several hours to give them added strength and shine.

Approximate Measurements:
Back Length: just a bit over 3/4" (about: 20mm)
Front Loop Length: 5/8" (about: 17mm)
Width: 1/2" (12mm)

These are sold by the pair.

***Please note, I do not put a purity stamp on these 14k gold ear wires. Due to how thin ear wires are, the purity stamp would distort the ear wire and look more like a blemish or scratch.***

These are sold by the pair.

I make each of these ear wires by hand, please expect that there may be some slight variations from pair to pair.

Understanding the difference between Solid Gold, Gold Filled, and Gold Plated.

✨ Solid Gold: Gold in its most pure form is 24K, which is very soft, scratches easily, and is almost impossible to work with. Because of this, alloys are added to create a more structurally sound metal known as “solid gold” and comes in the form of 10K, 14K, and 18K. Karats (K) is the percentage of gold in the piece. 10K is made using 10 parts pure gold, 14 parts alloys. 14k is made using 14 parts pure gold, 10 parts alloys. 18K is made using 18 parts pure gold, 6 parts alloys. My solid gold ear wires are made using 14K gold and are extremely durable. Solid gold will not tarnish and is recommended for everyday wear, fine designer jewelry items, and for those with allergies.

✨ Gold filled is made by using heat and pressure to fuse a thin layer of solid gold onto a base metal which is usually brass. Over time, that thin layer can wear off and tarnish. It’s not meant for everyday wear and should be taken off before showering and sleeping at night. It’s a cheaper alternative to solid gold but will not last as long. Those with allergies can typically wear gold filled but as time goes on and the gold slowly begins to rub off you will be exposed to the base metals.

✨ Gold plated is an even thinner layer of solid gold that is electroplated onto brass, copper, nickel, or any other base metal layer. While pretty when brand new, the gold base layer will wear off and tarnish much quicker than gold filled. This is typically used for costume jewelry and is not recommended for everyday wear or for those with allergies.

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.