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14/20 yellow gold-filled round wire in half hard. Available in 20, 21 or 22 gauge. Sold by the foot.  Dead Soft is ideal for those intricate designs.  It's very easy to shape. But be careful, it kinks easily too.  You can harden it by hammering it to help keep it's shape.  I use dead soft to make my spirals.

Approximate Measurements:

20 Gauge
Diameter: .032 in | .81 mm

21 Gauge
Diameter: .028 in | .72 mm

22 Gauge
Diameter: .025 in | .64 mm

Please note: Sold by the foot. If you order more than one foot, the wire will be one continuous piece that will be made into a coil.

What does 14/20 gold-filled mean?
Gold-filled is made by using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of solid Gold onto a base metal (usually brass). What that means is that 1/20 (5%) of the metal weight is 14 karat solid gold, the same applies to 12/20 gold-filled, which would contain 1/20 (5%) of 12 karat gold and so on. I choose to work with 14/20 gold-filled because of it's beautiful rich color and the fact that it wears just like real gold. It has beauty, durability, and strength. It is a quality alternative to solid gold at an affordable price.