Argentium Ball Earwires - 2 inch

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I made these ear wires using 20 gauge Argentium, They measure 2 inches in length. One side has a ball end approx. 2.5mm in size to keep the beads you slip on from falling off. The ends have been carefully filed and sanded smooth, to remove any rough edges.

Choose between a curved (as shown in photos) or straight shape.  The choice is yours!

These are sold by the pair.

These are very versatile! It's left up to you where you want to bend these earrings! In the photo the shorter side measures 1/2 an inch and the longer 1 1/2 inches. The other style I made by simply wrapping the ear wire around a pen.

If you need a larger quantity than what is available, please contact me so that arrangements can be made. Please note, I make these ear wires by hand, there may be some slight variations from pair to pair.

What is Argentium?
Argentium is the modern day Sterling Silver. It actually contains more silver (.935/.960) than the traditional sterling silver (.925) and has a magic ingredient called germanium which makes it highly resistant to tarnish!