Gold Filled Small Teardrop Ear Wires

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Small teardrop ear wires, handmade using 14/20 gold filled. The bottom of the teardrop has been flared to give it some uniqueness and the ends of these earring wires have been rounded and smoothed for a comfortable fit.

These are available in two wire gauges, 21 gauge or 20 gauge. Your choice!

Approximate Measurements:
Length: 7/8" (23mm)
Width: just over 1/2" (12mm)

These are sold by the pair.

If you need a larger quantity than what is available, please contact me so that arrangements can be made. Please note, I make these earring hooks by hand, there may be some slight variations from pair to pair.

Not sure which gauge to choose from?
21 gauge: A happy medium between the two, lightweight enough to fit most ears comfortably yet durable.
20 gauge: Very sturdy, holds it's shape very well.

Why I choose to use 14/20 gold filled and what it means:
Gold filled is made by using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of solid Gold onto a base metal (usually brass). I use 14/20 gold filled wire to create my pieces. What that means is that 1/20 (5%) of the metal weight is 14 karat solid gold, the same applies to 12/20 gold filled, which would contain 1/20 (5%) of 12 karat gold and so on.. I choose to work with 14/20 gold filled because of it's beautiful rich color and the fact that is wears just like real gold. It has beauty, durability, and strength. It is a quality alternative to solid gold at an affordable price.