Sterling Silver French Hooks

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These handmade gold filled ear wires are made using .925 Sterling silver wire (nickel free and hypoallergenic). I make these french hooks in three different wire gauges; you can select from 22 gauge, 21 gauge and 20 gauge. Choose which is the best fit for for you!

These are a great way to enhance your favorite earrings, upgrade or replace the ear hooks on your new earrings, add them to your own unique one of a kind earring designs, also a great gift for the jewelry crafter or maker on your list. Individually handmade from .925 sterling silver (nickel free and hypoallergenic).

Handmade and hammered french ear wires. The ends have been hammered and flared to give them a unique look. I also sand and smooth the ends for a nice comfortable fit. Finally they are tumbled for several hours to give them added strength and shine.

Measurements and Details:
Length: 1 1/8" (28mm)
Width: 1/2" (14mm)
Loops are left slightly open to make it easier for you to put your dangles on and then close.

These are sold by the pair.

The photos with the earrings are examples of ways I incorporate these ear wires into my earring designs. Earrings not included.

Not sure which gauge to choose from?
22 gauge: Is what you typically see at the stores. If you are looking for something lightweight this is it.
21 gauge: A happy medium between the two, lightweight enough to fit most ears comfortably yet durable.
20 gauge: Very sturdy, holds it's shape very well.